Colt Dudley

Colt Dudley was born and raised in Dunn, NC and now resides in Durham working as an engineer for a camera company called Aqueti. He is married to Kasey Dudley and shares an apartment with their cat Mr. Elwood. Colt started playing guitar at a young age and grew up listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Developing a passion for live sound production in high school, he started working any job he could get doing sound. With the heart of a musician and the ears of an engineer, he is able to apply his experience and expertise to any scenario. Over the years Colt has built a reputation by providing quality work and always going the extra mile. In his free time he enjoys traveling with Kasey, shooting with family & friends, and playing Xbox with his 12 y/o sister-in-law. 


Tony Underwood

Tony Underwood is the mac-daddy of all mac-daddies. Fellas have you ever heard the saying, hide yo wives ...? Well Tony is the reason behind that, here at Maxima Productions we like to call him Mr. Steal Yo Girl.  Tony began his experience in production during high school with choral productions. Working up through the ranks he is now Owner/Operator of Maxima Productions